/boot no free space

So I had an issue today in which I kept getting an error message when I attempted to upgrade my ubuntu server, it basically said I was out of disk space, which was odd as I had a 2TB drive as this is a Plex server, after running df -h I quickly noticed that /boot was @ 100% full, so after a quick Google I found the below solution.

If /boot is 100% full you will not be able to just run ‘sudo apt-get autoremove’ you’ll receive a bunch of error messages, so you will have to manually delete some files.

cd /boot

sudo rm abi-4.8.0-53-generic && sudo rm config-4.8.0-53-generic && sudo  rm initrd.img-4.8.0-53-generic && sudo rm System.map-4.8.0-53-generic  &&  sudo rm vmlinuz-4.8.0-53-generic

**The above command must be on 1 line or you can use \ to do multi-line in Linux

Do the above for a few versions(DO NOT DELETE ALL VERSIONS) and then you can run either

sudo apt-get -f install or sudo apt-get autoremove

Also you can run the below commands to see all linux-images and headers on your system

sudo dpkg -l | grep linux-image

sudo dpkg -l | grep linux-headers

dpkg -l linux-image-\* | grep ^ii

And you should now be able to upgrade your system again.

Errors: Invalid operation requested: This ruleset is required and cannot be disabled

So I had to call VMware support today because I noticed on all of our Esxi 6.5 hosts when I attempted to run services.sh restart I received the following message “Errors: Invalid operation requested: This ruleset is required and cannot be disabled” which made no sense to me as I am accustomed to seeing all services restart when I entered that command.  But after a brief communication with VMware support they informed me that that was the new expected behavior for that command, and in order to see the services restart, I need to run the following command ” services.sh restart & tail -f /var/log/jumpstart-stdout.log” and then, of course, you need to hit CTRL+C to exit.  I don’t think I like the new behavior, but at least there’s an easy way to see the services restart.

Home Lab Servers and Switch

So here is my home lab config while I’ve seen others use servers built from SuperMicro or Intel NUC’s I wanted to build a lab as cheap as possible, so I went to eBay and got old enterprise gear, and they are as follows:


  1. HP DL380 G5 server(1)
  2. HP DL360 G5 server(1)
  3. Cisco 3750-E switch(1)(24 1Gb ports + 2 10Gb ports)

I am currently running Esxi 6.0 with 2 external PSC’s and 2 VCSA’s in enhanced linked mode, I am currently rebuilding my lab and the new config will be 1 external PSC and 1 VCSA running 6.5 so I can test out my 10Gb network.

Home Lab Intro

Hello All, over the next few weeks I will be adding some posts here around my home lab config and my move to 10Gb networking—I will lay out some of the pitfalls and lessons learned, and I will lay out my config. So let’s get started…


Hello All, well new year and new theme I’ve also updated to the latest version of WordPress and this time without crapping up my database.  I hope to add new content to the page this year.

Also towards the end of last year I took and passed my VCP, so I am now a VCP5-DCV I hope my first of a few certs I would like to get.

SQL issues

Well after quite a bit of looking around, I don’t think I can recover my posts, I will continue to look for a solution, but I will probably just have to start from scratch, which is not entirely a bad thing.